Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Leicester Races and Quarter Roll Update

Well Leicester races was very enjoyable. Many drinks were drunk a dodgy burger was eaten and a few bets were placed.

In my usual non gambling fashion I just had a couple of quid per race and hit 1 winner (pictured below - can't remember the name) and two places. Was gutted in the first race when I had a reverse forecast come in second and third behind an outsider ... OUCH! ... that would have been a nice payoff.

However overall on the day (betting only) I ended up about £8 down.

So that's the good news ... now onto my quarter roll experiment.

Not so good. Take a look at my graph after just over a thousand hands.

See the first big drop from about buy in 22 ? That was when my AA got called light by a small pair, they hit their one card flush on the river and I lost about $30.
See the second big drop from about buy in 24 ? That was when my KK ran in to AA and I lost my $50 buy in.
See the third big drop at about hand 30? That's when I hit my set of 8's on the flop and was called all in by a player who had paired his 96 on a 789 board, to see him fill a straight by the river. His call was OK with about 44% considering the pot size was reasonably big following a raise re raise fest, but why couldn't I just win this race?
So I guess "They" are right when it is said you need 20 buy ins at a particular level to take the swings. I still have about $57 left of the $200 so am going to persevere and see if it takes me anywhere.
Until Next Time.
Keep it Tight!

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