Thursday, 2 April 2009

The last lot of pics ... honest

Ok so let me get the last of Vegas out of my system ...

Thunderbirds ? No Hoover Dam ... These pictures do not capture the enormity of this thing. Believe me IT IS AWESOME!!!!

Now this has to be Thunderbirds! ... no just more Hoover Dam!

The new bridge that crosses the canyon. In this day and age you would think we could do things better. But no ... this is gonna take longer than the dam itself.

The power of Vegas ... these turbines driven by the Colorado River provide the power for most of the Nevada communities. Who says we are in the forefront of renewable energy?

Lake Mead! next time we are here we will hire a boat and survey some of REAL America.

The view from the Hacienda Casino ... the closest Casino to the Dam .. I think!

So there we have it ... Vegas been and gone!
Hope you enjoyed it!
Until next post.
Keep it Tight!

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Steve H. said...

thank fuck for that, now i can look forward to your posts x