Friday, 27 March 2009

A few more Vegas Pics

Not wanting to bore everyone by showing all my photographs here are a few more choices of the best ones.

Bellagio Fountains .... this video just doesn't do them justice. They do a different music and display every quarter of an hour. They did an operatic one which just made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

View of the Bellagio Fountains with Paris Hotel in the background.

Latest flower display at Bellagio ... this face stood taller than the tallest man or woman.

The Sirens Pirate Ship at Treasure Island (TI)


Light show at Freemont Street

Just a few pics of Hoover Dam to come ... honest!

My last session of poker was played at 6am on the day that we were leaving. I sat down with a full table including a couple of swedes who had arrived the day before and hadn't been to bed yet, and the guy who I had put off a weak ace earlier in the week with my JJ.

My first big win came against one of the swedes immeadiately to my right. He had a habit of raising to $10 and did so when I looked down at KK. I raised it to $25 and got the guy I had previously played (with history) and the Swede calling. The flop came down QJ8 of hearts. The Swede bet $25. This looked weak to me and he had folded to an over the top raise before, but with 2 players in the hand the board was still pretty draw thick. I thought for a while and went all in for about $75 total, I had the K of hearts and was more worried that the Swede held something like the A hearts Q. I felt I couldn't just call to see if the turn flushed because of the guy to act behind me. Anyway the guy with history folded and the Swede thought then called. He didn't immeadiately show his hand until the turn # (can't remember) and the river 9 of hearts had fallen. I had the K flush and he showed TT for the straight (he didn't even have a heart; must've been the tiredness I guess ... would you call with TT here? Bottom pair and gutshot straight with three flush cards on the board!)

My only other hand of note was holding QQ. I raised to $15 early position and only getting history guy calling on the button. Just a note ... the raises seem high don't they. But beleive me, if you only raised 4xBB you would have 9 callers and the waitress in the pot.

In hindsight I now see a theme from history guy. He had seen me show down a lot of pocket pairs and probably deduced thats all I would play and so was prepared to call me light. He was involved in a lot of the pots I had raised and had either folded to my continuation bets or had been able to push me off pots when I had missed ... I wish I could play him some more because this would be valuable information now.

All I can remember is the flop came down with an 8 and a J on it and I wondered if he had called with something like 78 again (the hand he had cracked my Aces with earlier in the week). Anyway I continuation bet $20 and he called. I can't remember the turn but it didn't scare me so I checked and he bet $30 ... I called. The river came another 8. First to act I dwelt for a while. Really I was worrying that he had that 78 again, almost convincing myself that he did ... LOL. Anyway I bet $20 hoping it would look like a call me bet, showing strength ... or equally looking weak. He dwelt and folded and I took down a sizeable pot.

Buy in $100 - Cash out $263

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