Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back in good 'ol blighty ...

Well we got home safe and sound and today was my first day back at work. Not suffering too badly from jet lag ... and easing myself back into online poker tonight with a few $10 double ups whilst updating my blog ... already played 3 cashed 3.
So first for some pics ...
The trusty steed that got us there
Our first views of Vegas

First night out and about

We were delayed 3 hours coming back but the pilot got his foot down and made up an hour on the journey .. so we weren't too far behind when we arrived in England.

Got to say I am really not pleased at being home... Vegas is like a drug, you just want more and more.

A quick note about my poker sessions. We stopped at the Tropicana and as I think I mentioned before they have a pretty weak $1/$2 no limit game. Well they did ... the first thing we noticed that had changed about Vegas was that the Tropicana poker room had closed indefinitely, so all my poker was played at the MGM which is just a short walk over the bridge.

So a brief resume of poker Session 4 - 19/3/09 - 6am (yes most of my sessions were played at either early morning or just past midnight. I have to say it is funny watching the people who have been playing through the night, smelling of alcohol and trying to keep their eyes open for " ... just one more hand". If I'm honest I have been that person on one or two occasions in the past LOL)

Anyway nothing much spectacular happened in this session where I again bought in for $100. I got QQ once and had to fold to action after my initial raise on an ace high board. Other than that my stack dwindled to $46 over the space of an hour or so. Ready to leave I myself took one more hand just after the button had passed and looked down at AKos. UTG raised to about $15 (this didn't mean anything as he was a serial raiser and caller and could have just about anything, although this time he was UTG so I thought he had picture cards at least). It folded to me, and ignoring the past result of the first day went all in. Every one else folded and UTG called. He showed me an ace and said "do you have one of these?" I just nodded and a replay of session 1 started running through my mind. Anyway the K came on the turn and I doubled up to beat his AQos.

Buy in $100 - Cash out $95

That's it for tonight as I have probably spent an hour doing this post already ... more later!

Keep it Tight!


Steve H. said...

hope you had a good trip mate, I so wish I was out there....

Geoff said...

Yes mate great time.

Whetted my appetite and now gonna try and qualify to get out there for WSOP.

Gonna be a long shot but gotta get there.