Sunday, 22 March 2009

Vegas is busy this weekend

There is some sort of college basketball event here this weekend and the place has packed out with hundreds, if not thousands of students, families and supporters.

I had about an hour and a half to myself this afternoon and went to MGM to get a few hands of poker. Put my name down (it didn't even show on the monitor there were so many waiting) waited 30 minutes and then realised that it wasn't going to be worth sitting down to play. You have no idea how frustrating it was to see tables of youngsters, all unable to drink yet trying to play through a drink induced haze. Damn it looked juicy.

Anyway session 3 that I have played ...

It is very rare that I sit down to a cash game and feel like the favourite, but that is exactly how I felt!

Early on I got JJ and saw a board of ##K, with 2 clubs ... I continuation bet and got called. The turn came a low blank and it was checked to me, I checked. The river came another low blank and the other player bet out about a 1/4 sized pot bet. It just didn't fit he had the K so I reluctantly called and he showed the missed flush draw. Good read number 1 (ok I let him have a free card on the river but it worked out ok).

Then I get into a hand with another JJ. All folded to the button who put in a raise. I re-raise and he calls ... heads up (pot about 31). Flop came ##A. I bet again (about 25) ... he pauses almost mucking then calls. The turn doesn't improve my hand and I slow down ... check ... he checks. River doesn't improve me but no more over cards. I check ... he bets about $25. I get this instinctive feeling he is weak ... reach for some chips and re raise to $85. He goes for his chips ... ums and ahhhs then folds. I show him JJ and he says he mucked an A (must've been a poor kicker).

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