Monday, 23 March 2009

Session 3 continued

I didn't realise how long I spent doing this blog until I had to do it in 20 minute intervals ... so running out of time last time here is our latest holiday action and finally the continuation of my session 3 ...

Yesterday we hired a car and went to Hoover Dam. What an amazing feat of engineering and great value on the tours. If you go then make sure you take the highest priced tour ... you get to go into the dam itself and the views are breathtaking.

We then drove out to a place called Lake Mead. This has a lot of watersport activities and even the ability to hire a motor boat at $125 for the day. Well we didn't get to do that because of time restrictions but there is a mental note that a day on the colorado is a must for the next visit to Vegas.

Onto Poker Session 3

After my JJ semi bluff I had about $260 behind ... a couple of hands later my folding friend (with about $140 chips) first to act on the button raises to 7. SB folds and I look down at AA. Wanting to look like I am now bullying him I make it $25 to go. He calls. Flop comes down 882. He checks ... I bet out $25 ... he calls. Turn comes a 9 ... no flush worries! He checks ... I bet out $40 ... he reraises all in approx another $50 to call. Well I have him on either an over pair or A8. I have to call the $50 into about a $230 pot. I call and he shows 87os for the set. River is no ace and I am back to my buy in.

Damn that was played badly ... ok I am not folding AA and it is hard to let go on that kind of board (if I play it all in heads up every time I win approx 80%) ... still I didn't go with the "if he has a monster let him drag the chips out of me!" line, I could have saved chips there.

Well this affected me, and even though I wasn't behind on my buy in I still felt like I was chasing losses. So I took a few rounds of the table and then left with what I started ...

Buy in $100 - Cash Out $100

So today is our last day as we travel home this evening.

I hear so many people say that 4 nights in Vegas is enough. I strongly disagree! If you love poker, warm weather and great night life then I don't think you could tire of the place. Especially if you take the car out to some of the suburbs for example Boulder City. So I am pretty sad that the holiday is coming to an end.

Off now back to the room to pack my case.

I have played a few more sessions of poker and will post the action when I get back to England ... as well a some of the photos and videos I have taken whilst here.

Thanks again for reading.

Keep it Tight!

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