Saturday, 21 March 2009

Well into the week

Just been so busy walking and sight seeing that not had a chance to update here.

Been doing plenty of shopping, went to the Las Vegas Retail Centre, Planet Hollywood shopping mile, The Ceasars Forum and the Fashion Mall. The girlfriend just loves the shops here.

Also been playing and drinking in the Casino's - mainly slots ... not +ev but it something we can do together and really enjoying it.

Yesterday was my other halfs birthday (the other reason for this trip!). Started the day with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room and devoured whilst relaxing in a bubble covered bath. Living the life of a high flying poker player eh?

We then went to the Wynn. I think looks wise this is my favourite casino on the strip - very classy. So breakfast on their terrace and then down to the lake to have a drink in front of their impressive water features and to soak up the sun.

We purchased tickets to the La Reve show here and watched the spectacular show last night. The set, the music and the skill of the performers was absolutely amazing ... a must see!

On the poker front I have had a little success but it has mainly been through quick snatches of action for one or two hours at a time.

Session 2

A profit mainly due to being able to limp in on the button with 56os and getting a beautiful flop of 234. Drunk man on the BB leads out, EP calls ... it then folds to me, I call (slow playing my monster). The turn brought a scary 4. Drunk BB bets again, EP folds, I re raise and BB puts me all in for another $60 odd. I am worried about him having the full house and ask him if he has A5. He miss hears me and with a look of surprise and discust says " .. you have A5 then I'm beat!" I call he has a set of 4's and I rake in the big pot.

Buy in $100, Cash out $226

I only get 20 minutes here on the internet so am again running out of time to post the rest of my poker action ... but will try again later ...

Thanks for reading.

Until next post

Keep it tight!

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