Thursday, 26 March 2009

More Vegas and a quick cash in MTT last night

Firstly had a quick cash in the $3K guaranteed last night with 388 players starting I came 20th. Not much return but still nice to be there or there abouts.

So back to Vegas ... I so wish I was back to Vegas, here's some more pics ...

This is just a toy shop! Trojan Horse at Ceasars Palace shopping mall.

Does Egypt really look like this? The hotel Luxor.

I don't remember Venice being this clean! The Venetian hotel.

Poker Session 5
I can't for the life of me remember anything about this session now, don't know if I had a little drink at the time but I can't even remember any faces, if it comes back to me I'll amend this post. I did write down my buy ins and cash outs though.
Buy in $100 - Cash out $198
Poker Session 6
In this session I was playing against a couple of lads from new york who were waiting for their delayed flight and thus seemed reluctant to put much in the pot. There was also a really aggressive Asian woman who loved to straddle and would play it with a re raise if anyone raised it.
There was a fine moment where she was playing a $4 straddle and the guy in the cut off put in a raise to $15. The Asian woman re raised to $40 and the cut off went all in for about $120 or so. The Asian lady immediately called and showed AA to the guys AK. Nice Straddle hand to double up!
Anyway I managed to get a few of my chips in a hand holding 88 UTG. I hadn't been playing many hands and decided to put in a small raise to $7 (hoping it would look a bit weird). The button and the blinds both called. Flop comes down 2JK. The blinds check and I pause and slow check, willing to semi bluff a big check raise if the button bets and the blinds get out the way, however the button also checked. Turn is a Q. Blinds check, now I'm done with it and check. The button checks. River is a 5, no flushes. Blinds check. Ah what the hell ... I bet 17 and they all fold. I guess it did look weird and they thought I had a monster, it played weird anyway. In hindsight I should have continuation bet the flop but thought someone must have hit some of that flop.
Anyway I ended up working out a small profit.
Buy in $100 - Cash out $140
Gonna play some poker now so until next time.
Keep it Tight!


Steve H. said...

Hey Geoff,

Hope you had an awesome time in Vegas, I am so fucking jealous.. still working on getting a bankrol together for this years jaunt.

I think if you are intending to go out to the world series to play the main event or some of the bracelett events then the best value sats will be on stars were they will probably have 200 seats guaranted for an outlay of of around $350 for a $12500 + Hotel (if you play main event) package - last year on stars there were just under 8100 runners and it made 226 seats - so when they run one later in the year you can sat into the $320 one or buy straight in. The steps games on stars are also good value allowing you to buy in at a level that you can afford and climbing the tiers till you are successful. If your going out there anyway then the Rio will be holding evening sng's from $55 all the way up to $1060 where the winner gets paid in tournament chips so you can buy into the main event with these tokens or just simply cash them with people that are buying into the main event, the sng's normallt chop it when heads up depending on chips obviously. If you dont make the WSOP but are out in Vegas during the series then check out the deep stack events down at the Venetian they are 10/10.

Love the Vegas pic's - you've just reminded me how shit it is here,


Geoff said...

Cheers Steve

I am feeling exactly the same about being back.

Thanks for the info on qualifiers