Wednesday, 4 March 2009

GUKPT $10 rebuy with my free ticket

Well I used my freeroll ticket last night to try and get a $109 pass to tonights GUKPT qualifier.

There were 14 players with 2 tickets being awarded and third getting $42 return.

I played fairly well and narrowly missed out on the $109 qualifier pass but did come 3rd so a bit of return for my efforts.

My downfall really came earlier in the tournament (with about 7 left) when I fought back at a guy who had been stealing my blind regularly. I had him covered and was determined to knock his short stack out. He did his regular SB raise after everyone folded to him, I re raised large with A8. If he had folded all well and good, if he re raised I was prepared to take him all in anyway. Well this time he had KK and no A came to my rescue so he doubled up and unfortunately was the person to take me out when there were 3 left.

Still I keep knocking on the door with these things and am confident I will sooner or later qualify for something meaningful.

On a brighter note ... Vegas is only 12 days away!!!

So time to get some cash game practice on line.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!

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