Friday, 3 April 2009

Quick update for the year

A quick update on my performance for the year then.

March saw me play less ... mainly because of the week off in Vegas ... but posted the most profitable month for 2009.

SnG performance - played 89, cashed 62 (69%)
Cash games - buy ins $1150, returns $1488.23 (29.4% ROI)
Overall ROI for month = 26.8%

All I need to do is achieve these figures at 10x the buy ins and it would be a meaningful amount of money LOL.

Going to be playing mainly on Party this month as they are running the Gladiator bonus.

Realistically I will probably only get about $25 bonus as max and I'm not going to push for any more but free money is always good money in my books.

So until next time

Keep it Tight!

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