Sunday, 5 April 2009

National Winner and F1 Farce

One of my favourite horse races of the year and it did not fail to impress me again this year. I usually have a little flutter on the horses and kept to my usual Grand National betting system. Again it paid off as I had the winner as a place bet on Betfair (along with 4 other horses that came no where). So a few pounds back in the Betfair fund.

Then on to the F1 race this morning. Despite a late night last night I managed to get up early enough to see the start of the race. I also have a system for betting the F1 on Betfair and generally do quite well. It was all going swimmingly (pun intended) until the rain fell. Then I sat and watched half an hour of people running around with umbrellas. Whoever decided to put the race on later needs their head examining. I guess the decision was based around some financial opportunity by the organisers as is F1's want. Anyway, the fact that the race was abandoned and finished early meant I couldn't trade off my remaining risk and ended up giving back my profits from yesterday.

As with any of my gambling I don't ever put down large sums of money, I just find that it adds an extra dimension and provides a bit more enjoyment to these sporting events.
So for now, back to the poker.
Until next Time.
Keep it Tight.


havin_a_laff said...

Hi. Just noticed your link on my blog. I am an IT bod myself and - will be interesting to follow your progress. GL!

Geoff said...

Thanks mate.

I will make sure you are listed in the blogs I follow.