Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter All!!

Happy Easter all, hope you are enjoying your few days off.

We have just got back from the boat early to try and get a couple of things done around the house before I have to return to the grind in London.

Most of the trip was spent checking over the boat which thankfully seemed OK. We did however spend yesterday in Colchester as this isn't too far from where the boat is moored.

Colchester seemed to be a bit run down this visit for some reason. We went early last year and visited the castle which is a great day out if you ever get to go (especially the Museum). It seemed much cleaner and livelier a year ago ... perhaps the recession is hitting there harder than other places I have been to recently.

I did manage to get a bit of poker played on the net which is always nice with a glass of lager in hand and a couple of SnG's on the go.

Just settling in to watch the final round of the Masters golf ... I have a few quid riding on Perry so good luck to him.
I have been thinking about a new approach to my poker playing (yet again!) by setting myself a little challenge and also to try and get me playing higher levels. As you know I have a constant battle with myself in trying to force myself to put a little more at stake in the poker world and think I have come up with a new bank rolling method to help me with this. So I will put some details down in my next post.

Until Then

Keep it Tight!

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