Saturday, 25 April 2009

A good night out ... Gala Casino Leicester

Well the GF and I did go to the Gala Casino as planned last night and started the night with a drink and then a meal upstairs. They do an offer called "A Stake for a Steak". Basically you get a 10 pound voucher for every steak you order to be placed on any evens bet on the roulette tables. So we both had a steak (they are very good at this casino ... well recommended), got our two £10 vouchers and headed for the roulette table. Wanting to get at least some return from our vouchers we decided not to gamble and placed one voucher on red and one on black ... that provided us with £10 win number one.
Happy with our lot we decided to have a few more drinks and another go on the slots on which we had lost about ten quid earlier. So sitting on the Cleopatra machine we fed it another £10 and got to playing. Feature number one came in after about 5 spins and we thought we were in ... however it only paid off about £5. However after about another 10 spins we got the feature again and this time it paid us handsomely ... as seen in the picture below.

Now completely happy with our evening we cashed out our pound coins and just as we were leaving I noticed that the Friday night Poker Comp was drawing to an end but there were a few £10+£1 SnG's running. Asking tentatively if I could play one, and being given the answer of yes I sat down for the first comp and the GF made her way off home.

Anyway I didn't figure in the money on the first comp (9 man paying 1st and 2nd) but got to the final 2 on the 2nd one which only had 8 players and ended up splitting £40 each so as to quickly get another under way. The 3rd and 4th tournaments only had 5 players in each and we agreed to pay £40 to the winner and 2nd get his buy in £10 back. Missed out in the 3rd but got into the last two again in the 4th SnG. We agreed a £20 split and play to the winner for the final tenner. Well this heads up lasted about 45 minutes and was a really great game that finished around 3.30am, unfortunately I wasn't the victor.

Still cashing in 2 out of 4 for a £16 profit and another chance to play a far more enjoyable live game rounded of a very enjoyable and tiring night.

Leicester may not be Vegas but a night out at the Casino can be just as enjoyable.

As I said yesterday its off to Leicester races today, although looking out of the window the weather doesn't look too good, fingers crossed it improves.

Until next time.

Keep it Tight!

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