Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jesters 1/4 Rolled System

OK ... so here's my new plan to get me playing at higher stakes.-

I am putting $200 down to lose or, hopefully, win with. No matter how big this pot gets, to me its still only $200 ... Repeat to myself ... no matter how big this pot gets its still ONLY two hundred dollars. -

$200 I am prepared to lose ... and not to get protective of it if it grows!!!!-

Still not sure if that has sank in with myself yet but we will see.

So how am I to grow it?

Well this is purely cash game money ... No SnG grind! No Multi's! They will be played from my normal pot, so this is purely cash game money.-

Now this is where my newly devised 1/4 rolled bank rolling system comes in.-

I will be starting by playing at $0.25/$0.50 blinds No Limit Holdem Full Ring tables with a full buy in. So now you see I am quarter rolled by my buy in i.e. one full buy in is a quarter of my bankroll. Now I know that "they" say this is not enough and I should have at least 20 buy ins for a particular level. Well this is where the second part of my plan comes in.-

I will only play any one session for a quarter of my stack, so if I get below $37.5 on a particular buy in I will be leaving the table. This doesn't mean I won't put my whole stack at risk in any one hand but it is going to concentrate my mind before I do so. If I lose all 4 buy ins to my pocket AA being cracked on 4 separate occasions ... well thats just going to be the way of the felt.-

So what about when I hit a profit on a particular buy in? Well if the profit is an additional quarter of my initial buy in or it has been greater than an additional quarter of my buy in but then dropped back to the quarter level then I must bank. Other than that I am going to use my discretion depending on table dynamics, mental state ... that sort of thing.-

I will move up a level when my bankroll is 4 times the max buy in for the new level. So for my next level $0.50/$1 I will need to have turned my $200 into $400. As soon as my bankroll drops below the 4 full buy in amount I have to go down a level with $0.25/0.50 being the lowest I can play.-

That means the toughest level should be my first because I have less full buy ins before I bust out.-

Thats it in a nutshell. I have chosen this structure to be more aggressive than with my current bank rolling method (which i will be continuing with for my safe pot). My target is to get to the $2/$4 level (that means I need to get this $200 up to $1600) This would be the highest I have ever played (I did play $1/$3 at Ceasars Vegas on a couple of occasions).-

I will be posting my progress every 1000 hands ... if it gets that far LOL.-

Until Next Time-

Keep it Tight!

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