Monday, 25 May 2009

Summertime !!!!

Hi everybody ... how is everyone enjoying the weather? Summer is here! Long live summer! Doesn't it make you feel better?

Well I have spent most of the holiday weekend gardening, drinking and barbequeing with a litle time at the end of the day for some poker.

The plan was to go to the boat but the drive out there (usually 3 hours) would have probably taken a 5 hour bank holiday journey. So time to get the garden done instead. I will be going to the boat the weekend after next for a short 4 day holiday.

Now for a short update on my quarter roll experiment at just under 2000 hands whilst there is some good news to report.

My initial $200 bankroll dropped right down to $30 following a couple of big pairs failing to hold up. However, leak number one identified. I am committing all my chips to big pairs (AA, KK) after the flop regardless. I should be able to control the pot size to at least save some back on tricky looking boards.

At this $30 point I dropped down to the $0.10/$0.20 tables and ground back up to a full $50 buy in for the $0.25/$0.50 tables.
I then had a good session where I took my buy in of $50 up to $109. Just about to cash out and I look at KK. Well the leak I just described about saw me put $40 back when I failed to lay down KK when a guy hit his set holding 99. Unfortunately I hadn't identified the error in my ways at that point, but am not sure the result would be any different now.
So a few winning sessions see's my pot back at $80 and ready for the next 1000 hands.
Wish me luck!
Until next time
Keep it Tight

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