Thursday, 22 November 2007

November 21st 2007

If the poker demons had ascended to possess the souls of my pocket kings earlier this week, then today the Angels of the felt flew down in an attempt to exorcise these evil spirits.

Playing at the Venetian $1/$2 I once again looked down at KK on the button. I raised it up to $12 and got a call by the BB only. The flop came down KdTd3c. I bet about 2/3 of the pot and the BB called. The turn came an A spades. I loved this card but was also afraid of the flush draw. I pushed in a pot bet and the guy thought for a while before calling. The river came down a nice 7 clubs. I pushed in my remaining chips and he reluctantly called showing the A diamonds and I scooped the pot with my set. He informed me he was also on the flush draw so those demons are still trying their hardest to drag down my big pocket pairs.

We signed up to see the Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian while we were there, so a full review of that will be posted once we have seen it on Monday. The tickets for this event were $122 so Dave in his usual fasion decided to see if he could get his ticket for free by putting $100 on the high numbers on the roulette. He won, then took out his $100 stake gave me and Len $50 each from his profit to make into $100. Len did this easily on the Blackjack, but I lost mine on the roulette (surprise surprise eh?). So now we had $100 between us that was freerolling. Dave picked it up and put it on the middle third of the roulette, and hey presto he had $300. So we all got a kick back and now our tickets only cost us $22 each. Bet this is going to be a good show for just £11.

I then had a little game at the Tropicana and gave $30 of my earlier profits back, damn top 2 pair was beaten by a set - oh well keep it going eh?

I am going to take some pictures tomorrow and get them on the blog so check back.

So just for the days stats:

Buy Ins - $380
Cash Out - $552
Profit - $172
Until later
Keep it tight!

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