Tuesday, 27 November 2007

November 25th 2007

I saw the comment about having no photo's. My camera went faulty at the beginning of the holiday so all my photo's are on my phone, I'll put a gallery up when I get back to England.

Today was tournament day, Binions, the home of Poker. They have a great tournament at the weekends and is a must for any tournament player. It is a $70 buy in with $40 one time add on in the first 3 levels, and yet it has a guaranteed prize fund of $10,000. If you win you then get entered for their Tournament of Champions which is run on the first Sunday of every month, so it is worth booking your holiday to cover this just in case you get lucky on the Saturday before.

I ended up going out mid field (about 145 players entered) after I was damaged by someone going all in on a flush draw and I called with chips to spare, confident that this was the fact holding top pair Aces. My read was good but I didn't lose to the flush draw, the other player hit runner runner 6 and 7 for 2 pair.

Len went deep into ther tournament going out in about 20th place and went out pushing all in with AK, and getting a call by a player with TT. A ten came on the flop and it was all over.

We then went back to the Tropicana for a cash game. This was an excellent opportunity to fill my wallet. There were about 3 people who had been drinking all day and were struggling to see the cards through their drunken haze. They would call bets of $20 with a board low pair of 3's. I just had to make sure not to try to bluff these calling stations, all I had to do was hit a few flops. This was the flaw in my plan, I sat for 2 hours and watched their chips go to all other players but I could just not hit a flop. Even the cards I passed didn't hit the board, not even any draws. Sad, sad, sad ... so another loss today.

Here's the stats:

Cash Game Buy In - $450
Cash Game Cash Out - $343
Tournament Buy In - $110
Tournament Cash Out - $0
Profits - $-217

Until Later

Keep it Tight!

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