Sunday, 18 November 2007


November 17th 2007

As I said I had a little treat for myself this month and that is my annual trip to Las Vegas.

This time I am out here with my two good friends Dave Smith and Len Beck. Dave is an ultra aggressive player who likes to play big stakes. Len is more of a cautious player who still has a little bit of gamble, and this works for him. I'm probably the tightest of the 3 so it will be a good mix of game play.

I hope that I will be able to post the days activities and profits / losses here daily.

Game plan for the week.

1. Cash games, cash games, cash games .... I have been before and know I can beat the $1/$2 games more than I lose. Due to the slower nature of live games I will remain seated until I either make a reasonable profit, start to get tired and lose concentration or my stack gets to half 100BB (whichever happens sooner).

2. At the end of the day I will take my net winnings (if there are any) and half them. Half to play more cash games the next day, half to build a multi tourney pot. The smallest multi buy in worthwhile is about $120, so if half of one days profits is not enough to buy into this then I will carry it over to the next days profits and so on until the multi pot is big enough for this buy in. If I lose on any given day the multi pot will remain frozen where it is.

Of course this plan is open to daily tweeking if needs be.

The game play started today when we travelled to London and stayed over the night before our flight.

We fired up the laptop and had a 3 way share on some SnG's. We played 2 $55 buy in 10 man tables (coming 2nd in one for $150). And 2 $55 6 man tables (coming first in one for $200 win).

More tomorrow of our arrival and first game news.

Keep It Tight!

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