Saturday, 24 November 2007

November 23rd 2007

Today we returned to the shopping mall to pick up our new suits we saw yesterday. I didn't realise but the knock down price I quoted yesterday actually included a free shirt, tie and suit cover; this place just gets better and better.

Pokerwise I played in the afternoon for about an hour and a half at the MGM again. The table was tight but was beatable with a couple of visitors who had no idea of how to play. To give you an idea one player was faced an early position $6 raise pre flop and called in mid position. Along came 3 other limpers into the pot. I can't remember the exact board but basically when 3 players got to showdown the original calling player held AA and was complaining about how he never wins them, of course I wasn't going to be the one to educate him. I then played back in the Tropicana to kill an hour or so and I also had an evening session at the MGM and played early into the morning.

I have to say that the cards are still not falling for me and I am winning most of my hands with weaker holdings than the board shows. I just hope I hit a bit of a card rush before I go home and win big one day. But you can't push this game around, all you can do is take the opportunities as they arise.

So for the figures today:

Buy Ins - $600
Cash Out - $724
Profit - $124
Bye for now

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