Sunday, 25 November 2007

November 24th 2007

Well over half the holiday now gone and I have yet to hit a very profitable session.

In fact quite the opposite. I played terrible today. Possibly a mix of frustration and the fact that I had so many low pairs I just did not know what to do with them. The session was again at Ceasars $1/$3 NL.

One notable hand where I played completely out of character was when I looked down at 8d8s. There was a pre flop limper who raised $25 on the BB after I had limped in mid position. He had done this sort of bet before when he was holding AQ so I put him on a similar holding, either small pair or AJ, AQ, AK etc. I decided to take a punt and called. The flop came down 7d9sTs. As first to act he put in a bet of $20 into a $65ish pot. I saw this as weak and went over the top all in (massively overplayed I know, and is an example of how poor I was playing). He thought for a while then called showing AsJs for an overpair, flush and gutshot straight draw. He didn't fill his flush but hit an A on the end. In hindsight I would have been better flat calling his continuation bet then betting it on the turn if he slowed down, but however I played it I was still no better than 50/50 really.

One buy in down I continued. The small pocket pairs kept coming and I tried to get back some sort of composure, but still felt I was playing badly. I had some respite when my 77 in the BB hit a board of 772 giving me quads. No one wanted to bet this flop after my check, the turn came an A which really killed any action I was likely to get and I raked about a $15 pot. I did get the house high hand jackpot for 7777 though for $89.

I then got back some of my losses when my pocket KK hit a K on the flop and fill to a full house on the river after the guy who beat my 88 called my final round all in holding a similar hand to the one he had before.

Although I made a loss today it feels like a win.

I didn't play any more poker after this and ended having an early night to see if I could wake more fresh and alert the next day.

Here are the figures:

Buy In - $400
Cash Out - $333
Profit - -$67
For now
Keep it tight


Mick McCool said...

GEOFF, some pictures u boring old git!

G said...

Hi Mick

Yeah I know. Unfortunately my camera has gone on the blink so all my pics are now on my phone.

Can't download these until I get home on wednesday.

Thanks for the comment though.